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The LGS program (i.e., Leadership Development Program for Space Exploration and Research) has been conducted to nurture the leaders who have the wide knowledgeand view of the space science and engineering fields. This program is collaboration among the Particle and Astrophysical Sciences, Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory and Aerospace Engineering. The retreat is held under the following objectives: (1) To provide the opportunity that the members can train themselves,(2) To nurture the leadership ability of the members, and (3) To deepen exchanges among the members. I swear that there are many opportunities where you should collaborate with the other members during the program. At such time, it seems to me that understandings of the other members and their studies are very important to go ahead with the project. So, I hope that you interact with the other members and strengthen the connections with them through this retreat. Finally, I’d likeyou to join the retreat actively.

President: Shinji Oseki (Uir-lab., M2)


October 5-7, 2013
HAMANAKO ROYALHOTEL (Hamamatsu-city Shizuoka)



At this years's retreat, we will establish the following prize for the oral and poster presentation to encourage vigorous discussion and to deepen exchanges among different research fields. The prize winners will be chosen by a vote of the participants in this retreat.
・"Award of excelence": given to 2 persons who yields outstanding research achievements
(Overall award of excelence: given to one person in each session, oral and poster.)
・"Awards for multidisciplinary researches": given to 4 persons who make plainly presentations
Awards for multidisciplinary researches of the field of science chosen by the field of engineering: given to one person in each session, oral and poster.
Awards for multidisciplinary researches of the field of engineering chosen by the field of science: given to one person in each session, oral and poster.
Six persons will be commended and given a prize.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to commend excellent presentations, and is intended to improve the retreat for next year.

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