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Admission Procedure

Year round schedule of admission to our program is shown below. This schedule is tentative just for reference, so we will announce the precise one in shortly via this web site, and send e-mail to all the current students at Nagoya University.

  • For M1 graduate students
  • There are two admission chances for this category: M1 Spring and M1 Winter Applications.
    You may try to apply for Winter Application if not accepted at Spring Application. The Spring applicantion 2017 will be started from this April.

  • For D1 graduate students
  • There is only one admission chance for this category: either Spring Transfer or Fall Transfer.
    The Spring Transfer Admission 2017 was already finished. Details of the Fall Transfer Admission will be announced on July, 2017.

  • For M1/D1 International students in pre-admission category
  • We are accepting students from this category at any time. Please refer to the web site.

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