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Call for Program Students

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Pre-registered Students

Students who are interested in and considering to enter the Program can take the Program lectures and courses by registering as a pre-registered student. All the units and grades taken during the pre-registered student period will be transferred after they are successfully admitted to the Program.
To the pre-registraion form

We will accept new program students from various categories.

For M1 graduate students (Spring and Winter applications):
There are two chances for the application on both M1 Spring and M1 Winter applications.

For D1 graduate students:
There is only a single chance for the application on either D1 Spring transfer or D1 Fall transfer admission.

For M1/D1 international students in pre-admission category:
This category is open at any time. Please refer to the website for more information.

There is a trial admission period existing for M1 Spring Entry and M1 International Pre-admitted student Frame. Please note that there will be some independent criteria for those entries (See below)

* For Applicants who will apply to M1 Spring Entry
* For Applicants who will apply to M1 Winter Entry
* For Applicants who will apply to D1 Transfer Entry
* For Applicants who will apply to M1/D1 International Pre-admitted Category

* Admission Procedure
* Application Policy
* Presentation file for this program
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