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"INDUSTRY-ACADEMIA-GOVERNMENT COLLABORATION" and Technology Evaluation - from the view point of Journalist

When I was an editor-in-chief of Industry-University collaboration Office at Nikkei Business Publications Inc., I visited so many startups in the Universities and wrote special articles about their activities such as technology seeds, business models and so on. I would like to lecture about "Essences" of Industry-Academia-Government collaboration from my experiences as the Journalist. If professors establish the start-ups without marketing about business models, most of them fail. I don't know the method for winning, but there are some failure patterns to avoid absolutely. And I had written more than 300 Technology Evaluation Reports when I was a technology analyst, so I would like to introduce several important elements of such reports. Finally, I have evaluated business plans for 13 years, so I would like to talk which points evaluators are focusing on. I hope my lecture will help you when you prepare business plans or apply for research grants in the future.

・Designated Associate Professor:Nagoya University
Leadership Development program for Space Exploration and Research (2016-2018)
DII (Deployer-Innovator-Investigator) Collaborative Graduate Program for Accelerating Innovation in Future Electronics (2019-)
・Journalist and Consultant: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.(1989 - 2015)
Nikkei Aerospace Staff Editor, Nikkei Logistics Staff Editor, Nikkei Premiere Cub Deputy Editor, Consulting Bureau Technology Research Department Manager, Industry-University Collaboration Office Senior Manager (Editor in chief of "Emerging Technology" Website & Mail Magazine), Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc. Consulting Group Technology Industry Department Senior Consultant
・Engineer: The Asahi Shimbun Company (1985 -1989)

B.S.in Aeronautical Engineering at Osaka Prefecture University in 1984

Author of the following books
Introduction Method of Business Intelligence (Nikkei BP) ISBN: 4-8222-2553-4
Best Introduction Method of ERP/SCM (Nikkei BP) ISBN: 4-8222-2551-8
Utilization Method of Practical Knowledge (Nikkei BP) ISBN: 4-8222-2556-9

Public Project Experience & Public Activities
・FY 2005-2017 Committee Member of Evaluation (Okinawa / Okinawa Prefecture Industrial Promotion Corporation and so on)
・FY 2013 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) Advanced use of ICT human resource development program project (dissemination and awareness-raising)
・FY 2009-2011 Strategic University Collaboration and Assistance program for the university education enhancement (Ritsumeikan University, Kansai Medical University) Evaluation Committee Member of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
・FY 2004 New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Nano-Bio Technology Industry Research
・FY 2003 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry University-Originated Ventures Research

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