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Wind Turbine -Past, Present and Future-

Fossil fuel, such as, oil and coal are going to be exhausted and global warming is becoming a serious problem. Therefore, utilization of a renewable energy becomes important. Wind turbine generates electricity utilizing wind power and wind power generation is one of the representative renewable energy utilization. Now, about 4% of the electricity is produced by wind turbines and this percentage is increasing rapidly. The history of the utilization of wind power is comparatively old. It was used as wind mills which mill flour and as wind pumps which pumps which extract ground water. Now, wind power mainly used to generate electricity. Wind turbines becomes very large and various kinds of wind turbines were constructed, for example on-shore wind turbines, off-shore wind turbines, and floating wind turbines. In this lecture, History of wind turbine and various problems of current wind turbines are introduced.

■BIO March 1975 Ph.D. (Eng.), Nagoya University
April 1975 Research assistant, Nagoya University
April 1976 Assistant professor, Nagoya University
January 1982 Associate professor, Nagoya University
April 1994 Professor, Nagoya University
April 2006 Presidential Advisor, Nagoya University (- March 2007)
April 2007 Director, the Education Center, Nagoya University (- March 2011)
April 2012 Designated Professor and Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University

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