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The new horizon of India's Space Mission

Space research and development in India have got a momentum. Indian Space Research Organization, or ISRO recently showed numbers of achievements, i.e. practical implementation of large-sized launch vehicle "GSLV" series, successful operation of Lunar and Mars missions and collaboration with NASA, Israel and so on. And a long-waited manned space mission has been in their sight. Space development also made a great help for the people through Direct to Home Telecasting, weather forecasting, mineral exploration and prevention of natural disaster, and so on. In this lecture, the entire picture of India's space research and future prospects will be presented.

BIO:Mr. Go Yamada
Senior Editor, Editorial Innovation Center, NIKKEI
(Concurrently as Principal Economist, International and Asian Research Department, Japan Center for Economic Research)
Birthday/Place:1st Feb 1963, Kawasaki City, Japan

Work Experience:
Apr. 1988 Joined NIKKEI
Sep. 1997― Feb 2001 Bahrain and Tehran Bureau Chief
Mar. 2004 ―Feb 2008 New Delhi Bureau Chief
Mar. 2008 ―Principal Economist, Japan Center for Economic Research
Apr. 2013 Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Asian Review
Apr. 2017 Senior Editor of Editorial Innovation Center, NIKKEI

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