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Leadership Development Seminar (PhD Professional Lecture 2017)

LGS Leadership Development Program is authorizing the following each PhD Professional lecture, planned by LGS PhD Professionals:Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia of Nagoya University, for LGS students with providing the opportunity to transfer the credit to the Category-2 lecture of the Leadership Development Seminars(LDS).
★These lectures are held in English.

■Theme:Li Ying's Cinema of Displacement: Another kind of Sino-Japanese Transnational Filmmaking
■Day and Time:Jan.11 (Thu.), 2018, 18:15-19:45
■Place:Science Bldg. A408
■Lecturer:Mr.MA Ran (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya Univ.)
A long-term Chinese resident in Japan, documentary filmmaker Li Ying has been mostly known for his fifth documentary feature Yasukuni (2007), which triggered nation-wide controversy over his handling of the over-sensitive, delicate issue of Yasukuni Shrine. This talk sheds light on Li's documentary films made prior to Yasukuni, specifically 2H (1999) and Aji (2003). His documentaries set the stage for displaced subjects to perform entangled relations with history and nation, demonstrating one radical possibility to rethink Sino-Japanese transnational filmmaking.

■Theme:Post-3.11 Literature
■Day and Time:Jan.18 (Thu.), 2018,18:15-19:45
■Place:Science Bldg. A408
■Lecturer:Ms.IWATA-WEICKGENANNT Kristina(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya Univ.)
In this lecture we will learn about how Japanese authors have responded to the triple disaster of March 11, 2011. We will look at different genres and discuss the differences between early responses and more recent texts, and also draw comparisons to literary texts that were published in response to earlier disasters such as the nuclear bombings of 1945, or the earthquake of 1923.

■Theme:People and Nations are Built on Food"- School Feeding as National Defense in Prewar Japan-
■Day and Time: Jan. 25 (Thu), 2018, 18:15-19:45
■Place: Science Bldg. A408
■Lecturer: Mr. HOPSON Nathan Edwin (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya Univ.)
Publicly funded school feeding (gakkō kyūshoku) has helped shape state, society, and the individual in Japan for almost a century. Beginning in the 1920s, kyūshoku was conceived as applied nutrition science, explicitly mobilized to physically, socially, and morally build a better Japanese nation. This lecture will explore the history, politics, and social effects of prewar kyūshoku, and by doing so shed light on the politics and practice of school feeding in contemporary Japan.

■Theme:Islam in Asia: An Anthropological Perspective
■Day and Time: Jan. 30 (Tue.), 2018, 18:15-19:45
■Place: Science Bldg. A408
■Lecturer: Ms.FUJIMOTO Toko (Associate Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)
Islam is a world religion that is often called the "religion of the book." In fact, the Quran is the source of orthodoxy and is extremely important for all Muslims. However, it is also notable that the lives of Muslims are considerably diverse. Understanding this diversity is crucial for us to communicate with Muslims living all over the world, particularly in Asia. In this lecture, I would like to introduce the dynamics of Islamic practices such as the pilgrimages to saint shrines, life cycle rituals, Islamic feasts, food culture, and Ramadan. These dynamics are based on anthropological studies mainly conducted in Central Asia and help understand not only Islamic dogma but also the lives of Muslims.

★Please contact or send an e-mail to Designated Associate Prof.Nishimoto or Ms.Kuboif you would take these lectures.

★Report for these seminars
(1) Deadline: 1 week later for each seminar (17:00)
(2) Submit into a box in Room C315 of Science-C Bldg. or Space LGS Office (Room 341) of Engineering-2 Bldg.

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