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University-Industry collaboration in Japan

Mr. Takafumi Yamamoto is the President and CEO of TODAI TLO, Ltd. (the Technology Licensing Organization of the University of Tokyo). TODAI TLO was founded in 1998 in aiming technology transfer between university and industry. TODAI TLO is the technology transfer organization of the University of Tokyo. It currently has 34 employees. TODAI TLO is a stock company, but it is wholly owned by the University of Tokyo, and receives about 600 invention disclosures annually. Its royalty revenues exceeded $7 million in 2016. All of the invention disclosures of Tokyo University are managed by TODAI TLO. TODAI TLO evaluates the patentability and marketability of all of these inventions, reports decisions on whether or not to file patent applications to the University, requests patent applications from an external patent attorney, and conducts licensing activities. TODAI TLO is a one-stop organization for licensing at Tokyo Univ. In addition, Mr. Yamamoto is also one of the board members of the University Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer (UNITT). He has been engaged in technology transfer from universities to industry for 21 years, since its earliest days in Japan. He has managed more than 1000 licenses and total license revenues of around $60 million. In this lecture, Mr. Yamamoto would like to mention about the activity of university - industry collaboration in Japan. Particularly, he wants to mention it how a change of the university-industry collaboration of Japan contributes to innovation.

Mr. Takafumi Yamamoto is the CEO& President of TODAI TLO, Ltd., which is a technology licensing organization of the University of Tokyo. Mr.Yamamoto is a first person to start technology transfer business from University to Industry. He had work experiences at Recruit, Ltd. as a planner of new business development and technology transfer from universities to industries. He established this business scheme with consulting efforts of Mr. Niels Reimers, who was a first director of OTL, Office of Technology Licensing, at Stanford University and got involved with other technology transferring organizations such as M.I.T., UC Berkley and UCSF. Yamamoto established the Technology Management Division at Recruit, Ltd in 1998. After those experiences, he joined TODAI TLO as a CEO in July 2000.He is also one of the board members of UNITT (AUTM Japan).

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