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Denso Product Development and Monozukuri: IT Application

Date & Time: November 26, 2014 (Wed) 18:15-19:45
Place: 014 Lecture Room, IB Building
Speaker: Mr. Takeshi Aoki (Denso Corporation)
Language: English

Theme: Universal Value of "Monozukuri" and Real World Data
Every day a variety of data such as market data, design data, manufacturing data, customer data, etc., are accumulated for various types of "Monozukuri". This course explores the intrinsic value inherent in these data, and based on the universal values derived therefrom, develops the ability to have a global view regarding how "Monozukuri" should be. In this lecture, students will:
1) Understand the principles of acquisition of various data related to "Monozukuri".
2) Understand the importance and role of data analysis.
3) Understand the meaning of circulation from data acquisition up to social value creation.
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