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Key Skills of Professionals Working for Global Organizations

Abstract: The first meeting with experts from other professions is always a challenge. This is even so when we speak a foreign language and meet the people from different cultures. This talk will report a well-designed environment of Oxbridge colleges for cross-disciplinary communication and identify some key skills to "break the ice." The speaker has spent substantial amount of time in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Based upon the past experience, the speaker wishes to share the know-how to develop the skills to work in global organizations.

The speaker is interested in the nineteenth century development of legal theory both in Europe and Japan. He taught legal theory, legal history, law & economics, law and information technology and so forth. The speaker's team got involved in the development of "Japanese Law Translation" database system by the Ministry of Justice.


1973 LL.M. Osaka University
1975 LL.M. Yale Law School
1991-2000 Professor, Faculty of Law, Osaka University
2000-2013 Professor, Faculty of Law, Nagoya University
2004 to 2006 General Counsel, Legal Dept., Nagoya University
2006 to 2008 Dean, Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University
2009 to 2012 Director, Nagoya Univ. Library System


Published Articles in English
1."Law and Bureaucracy in Modern Japan "41 Stanford Law Review 1627 (1989)Published Articles in English
2."General Jurisprudence and Elucidation of Its Assumptions" in REVOLUTIONS IN LAW AND LEGAL THOUGHT (Bankowski ed., Aberdeen Univ. Pr., 1991) 31
3."Toward a New Generation of Comparative Law: A Framework for Bilateral Collaboration in Law & Development Projects in Asia" 23 Wis. Int'l L.J. (2005) 233

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