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How Astronaut Builds Teams

Title: "How Astronaut Builds Teams"
Date: 11/20, Fri, 15:30~18:00
Place: Engineering Building 3, 3F, 341 lecture room
Contents: Lecture and group work
Category: 5

This Leadership Development Seminar will be held in English, but sometime explanation will be conducted in Japanese. At that time, I will translate in English and support international student. Group work will be conducted in only English.

Do you know the "Team building"? This is very important key-word for enhancement of team performance. In various fields such as ISS operation, aircraft operation, medical team and consulting firm, the team building is considered important. Especially, it is very important for an astronaut because the small mistake endanger their life during the space mission. Therefore the astronauts brush up their team building skills through the hard training. The purpose of this seminar is to learn the team building skills from the training of astronauts. The seminar is composed of Lecture and Group work. The speaker of the lecture is Ms. Kimiyo Hayashi. She is a writer and has worked on the interview of astronauts for about 20 years. She is an expert in astronauts' activities. In the group work, the group discussion about decision making in an emergency of space mission will be conducted.

1. Lecture from Ms. Kimiyo Hayashi (60 min)
2. Group discussion about the decision making in an emergency of space mission (40min)
3. Presentation about the results of discussion from each team (20 min)
4. Debriefing in each team (15 min)
5. Closing (5 min)
We will have a meeting to exchange views after the seminar.

If you are interested in this seminar, please send e-mail to Odagiri. The deadline is 11/10, Tue, 17:00.
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