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Fluffy dust bunnies as building blocks of planets

Date: November 5, 2013 16:30-
Place: ES635, ES Building
Speaker: Dr. Satoshi Okuzumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Dust particles are ubiquitous in the universe. Astronomers believe that these are the building block of planets. However, how they grow to larger solid bodies is a long-standing problem in planet formation theory. Over the last decade, theorists have simulated collision and growth of dust particles on computers. These studies have revealed that protoplanetary dust particles grow into extremely low-density clusters --- like fluffy dust bunnies around the corners of your room. Why and how such fluffy clusters form? How fluffy are they? What it the importance of "fluffy dust evolution" in planet formation? Why no "Fluffy Planets" in our Solar System? In this talk, I will review recent progress in this research area and will address the above questions from a theoretical point of view.
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