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A Ph.D. is not enough:Requirements for an academic-researcher

I appreciate that everyone who is interested in this lecture is working on your research-subjects day after day. If you get achievements with a certain level and pass the defenses, you will get a Ph.D (doctor of philosophy). However, why do you want to get a Ph.D.?? What is the value of a Ph.D.?? In this lecture, I will share my answers for these questions based on my work experience in Japanese corporation, what I learned through the Leading program, and my experience as a faculty member. Specifically, I will talk about my office-working-days with only a master's degree and Leading program activities such as ChubuSat program/International internship. In addition, I intend to talk about by employment process for a research associate of Nagoya University and about actual works. In order to plan your future, you need to make sure of your market value. I sincerely wish this seminar will be of some help for you to find your best carrier.

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