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Innovative Safety Concept and it's Solution in Cars

As a result of the significant increase of traffic accidents with the development of motorization, it has now become an issue in each country to reduce the number of accidents and the number of fatal and serious injuries. To reduce accidents, carmakers are developing various ADAS (Advanced Driving Assist Systems), and the market for them is now in its infancy. My presentation gives the innovative safety concept and aims to introduce its basic concept and to introduce systems to put that concept into practice by analyzing the process leading to an accident. Based on the safety concept, The Active Safety System, provided for the purpose of reducing accidents, takes effect in its appropriate operating zones, and makes it possible to keep the driver from coming closer to danger and to return him/her to a safer driving status. In such systems, the important point is not only the effectiveness of the system, but also the match between the driving support system and the driver's awareness

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