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Product Development considered Lightening Phenomena

Date & Time: October 17, 2014 (Fri) 16:30-18:00
Place: C5 Lecture Room (C517), School of Science Building C
Speaker: Mr. Naoyuki Tsukamoto (Chief technology officer of Ceraon Co., Ltd.)
Language: English

Mr. Tsukamoto graduated from material science of Nagoya Institute of Technology in 1997. After graduation, he joined Otowa Electric Co., Ltd and worked on the engineer of device technical group. In 2005, Otowa Electric Co., Ltd.spined off Ceraon Co., Ltd into separate company for Ceramic produts. At the same time, he was assigned to the team leader of technical development team and in 2006, the group manager of technical group. After that, he was appointed to the executive Director of Ceraon Co., Ltd in 2008. Now, he has been actively working as younger manager, so this seminar will be get the new information for the younger leader. It is highly welcomed to participate in this seminar.

Otowa Electric Co., Ltd focuses on the lightening and its protection. Importance of lightening protection is escalating due to advanced information technology society and abnormal climate aspects.
Otowa business is based on lightening protection for distribution power line system, telecommunication line system, building/houses and renewable energy system like PV or wind turbine. In addition, Otowa has very unique products like the lightening detector (KAMINARI-MIHARIBAN) and technology of impulse testing for aircraft.
In thus product line up, the main component which take important role is ceramics called "Zinc oxide varistor (Metal oxide varistor, MOV)." In this lecture, Technology of this "stone which Lightening absorb," its spread to the world and difficulty/fun of mass production are introduced.

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