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Leadership to live through "Industry 4.0" developed with IoT, BigData, and AI

We can see the three words; IoT, BigData, and AI on newspapers almost every day. They say that new horizon of ICT pointed out with these three words is going to develop a huge revolution so-called "Industry 4.0". IoT is Internet of Things that means things are connected to internet and internet will be used for communication between human and things, among things, in addition to the current usage for the communication among human. The first group of things to be connected to internet is electrical equipment because of Smart Grid introduced by Obama administration nine years ago. As IoT is going to be developed and the total number of things connected to grow, a new challenge so-called BigData to be analyzed will appear. There are several forecast of total number of things connected such as 1.8 billion at the end of 2018 and 50 billion in 2020. The final solution and method to respond the BigData challenge is said to be AI(Artificial Intelligence). AI as an important area of Computer Science started in 1956 at Dartmouth Conference and has been expected to solve problems in real world but failed in the past. The current AI boom that is counted as the 3rd one is finally expected to realize it. There are three reasons why we can expect it; 1) a breakthrough so-called Deep Learning has happened in the area of Machine Learning. 2) BigDate for each problem can be fed for machine to learn. 3) Computing Power become enough for calculation of Deep Learning algorithm. Business world has started to aim at "Industry 4.0" with IoT, BigData, and AI. "Hannover Declaration" Japan and Germany signed at CeBIT in March, last year, is a symbolic event for such direction. USA also has started similar industry policy named "Industry Internet" that means the direction is an extension of the current computer based "Industry 3.0". Even with the difference of naming, the both industry policies aim at the world we can produce goods with competitive price in keeping with each consumer's requirement. We tried "high-mix low-volume production" in the past but this time we will try to produce any unique good specialized for individual consumer with similar price for "single item high volume production". This special lecture is going to provide a review of the above mentioned "Industry 4.0" and also share an idea of the leadership required to live through the era of "Industry 4.0".

Mr. Norio Murakami joined Google in April 2003 as Vice President of Google Inc., as well as President & Representative Director of Google Japan and was responsible for all aspects of Google's business in Japan. He became Honorary Chairman of Google Japan in Jan 2009, and finally retired from Google on Jan 1st, 2011, to set up Norio Murakami Office. Prior to joining Google, Mr. Murakami established Docent Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Docent, in 2001. As President, he showed leadership in the e-learning industry. Between 1997 to 1999, Mr. Murakami was President & CEO of Northern Telecom Japan. In this capacity, he successfully merged and integrated the company with Bay Networks Japan, whose parent company Bay Networks had been acquired by Northern Telecom, and was later re-named Nortel Networks Japan. He served as President & CEO of Nortel Networks Japan through to mid-2001. Mr. Murakami began his career as an engineer for minicomputer systems at Hitachi Electronics K.K. He also served as a Director in charge of marketing at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Japan. This affiliation included a five-year assignment at Artificial Intelligence Technology Center of DEC headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. Mr. Murakami graduated from Kyoto University with a B.S. in engineering and now serves as Senior Research Fellow & Professor at GLOCOM, International Univ., Special Project Professor at Graduate School, Osaka City Univ., Visiting Professor at Osaka Institute of Technology, Councilor to Aizu Univ., Advisory Board member for President of Tokyo Institute of Technology. He also serves as a board member of V-Cube Inc. and CellSource Co., Ltd., and Counsel & Fellow, Dentsu Institute, DENTSU INC.

Books by Mr. Murakami
①"Introduction to Knowledge-based Systems" (Information Science Co., 1986)
②"The Murakami Method for Simple English Learning" (Diamond Inc., 2008)
③"The Murakami Way of Getting Work Done Simply" (Diamond Inc., 2009)
④"How to keep your employability for life time long" (PHP Inc., 2012)

Co-authored books
①"The Japanese Economy Following 3/11" (Asahi Shinsho, 2011)
②"The "Smart Japan" Declaration: Energy Policy for Reconstructing the Economy" (Ascii Shinsho, 2011)
③"How to build your creativity" (Kadokawa Inc., 2013)

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