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What is needed for a researcher in a private company?

There are some classifications of researcher types. Type "Π" with double major is desirable rather than Type "I" of which only one specialty is deep. Type "Pasteur" which is possible to study it with a quest of fundamental understanding and the utility at the same time is better than Type "Bohr " which is only for investigations of the basic principles. It tends to difficult that the latter types from either classification get understanding of the necessity of the research and co-operation in the company. The major difference with the study at the university is to give priority to the prosperity of the company by industrialization or manufacture as a goal. Therefore the licensing becomes the important outcome of research in addition to a patent and paper.One necessity for the way of thinking of the current researchers is a "system thought" and it is particularly important at the setting of research theme. In the series of process of research work, the later success or failure is greatly influenced by the selection of theme at the first stage. If it starts in a vague state or the sensational action does not go well in the limited time. Moreover, in order to lead a research to the success, a sense of speed being aware of victory or defeat, and the formation and the utilization of the research network are important. As a good point of the research works in the company, it is easy to set a project that the researchers from the different fields became one team for one aim. Each team member is in charge of one's field of expertise, and creates one's outcome while using each other's result mutually. It is required for a team leader to create such work environment. Information and the knowledge between researchers become the similar level by experiencing such success processes, and research environment respecting each other is established.

March 1986 Master of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University,School of Engineering, Faculty of Aeronautical engineering.
April 1986 Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories,Inc.
October 1993 Visiting Researcher, George Mason University(~1994)
October 1998 Doctor of Engineering, Nagoya University
October 2008 Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology(~2013)
February 2010 Principal Researcher, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.

Major Research Field
Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Computational Dynamics,Internal Combustion Engine

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