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Innovation and Leadership Dynamics for Entrepreneurial Space Projects - a US Perspective

Mr. Lauer will discuss his 20+ year career as a serial space entrepreneur and share his insights and perspective on the innovation and leadership dynamics necessary for success in creating space businesses.He will describe his Lessons Learned from both successes and failures in his personal space business start-ups as well as a survey of the current competitive landscape in the entrepreneurial space sectors.In particular, the introduction of innovation in reusability for new operational space launch systems will be discussed in the context or previous attempts to develop reusable launch vehicle technologies, with little or no success. The current competitive landscape for new reusable launch vehicles and the business strategies of the major players in the launch vehicle sector will be reviewed, such as Space-X , Blue Origin, new rocket engines, and even the beginning of reusability in legacy launch operators like ULA and Airbus Safran. The parallel track of the development of new low-cost expendable small launch vehicles will also be discussed, with new additive manufacturing methods, production line systems and the use of advanced composite materials all contributing to the development of new dedicated launch capacity for micro and nano satellites.The recent wave of major private sector investment in new satellite constellations is now driving the market for new low cost reusable space transportation systems, and paving the way for large investments in these systems.Many entrepreneurs invest in development of space activities. It means that space technologies are becoming mature as commodities. New space industries which are enabled by this breakthrough in the cost of access to space will be discussed, such as on-orbit servicing, space mining, private space stations and orbital propellant depots. Ultimately, this new wave of space entrepreneurship can lead to terrestrial benefits such as the development of space based solar power systems.

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