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SELENE (Kaguya) mission and Activities for the mission success

Date & Time: October 3, 2014 (Fri) 16:30-18:00
Place: C5 Lecture room (C517), School of Science Building C
Speaker: Mr. Yoshisada Takizawa, former SELENE project manager
Language: English

This time seminar will be held on the SELENE mission by inviting Mr. Yoshisada Takizawa. He was the former SELENE project manager in JAXA.

The SELENE had 15 missions for Moon global observation and is the first full-scale Moon exploration mission since Apollo program and the leading mission of the 21st Moon Exploration era.
In addition, SELENE was the first joint project between ISAS and NASDA. SELENE was launched in Sep. 2007 by using H-ⅡA rocket, and successfully finished the missions in Jun. 2009.
In order to promote the project, which was the first joint project between two organizations with different cultures and the most large-scale science satellite in Japan, smoothly and aim to mission success surely, the joint project team was organized and various original approaches for the development and operation were adopted.
Many Data gathered by SELENE have been analyzed not only by Japanese scientists but also by foreign scientists. Various new facts were cleared, and these scientific results have been published until now, for example in the Science, the Nature ,etc. His lecture will present the overview of SELENE mission and activities for the mission success, so his lecture will be useful for your future life.

It is highly welcomed to participate in this seminar.

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