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Micro satellite development trend and its market promotion

Currently basic technologies for small satellites are greatly progressed and small satellites are no longer interior to traditional large satellites. Their applications are widely discussed and many players including Airbus and google are promoting their space business. A Japanese private company is also interested in this new business field relying on its huge manufacturing capability. Its development and business plans are introduced in this lecture. Also initial operation result of CE-SAT-I which was launched in 23rd June will be reported.

2003 University of Tokyo, Doctor of Engineering, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, School of Engineering
2003-2005 Post-doctoral fellow, National Space Development Agency of Japan
2005-2010 Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, School of Engineering
2010-2012 Associate Professor, Shinshu University, School of Engineering
2013-Current Canon Electronics Inc.

The lecturer has developed 1kg nano-satellite XI in 2003 first in the word and has been designed and developed small satellites in universities and space agencies. Currently, he is planning business models using small satellites in a private company.

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