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Toward revolution of space and earth information by micro-satellite

After 2013, the number of launched micro/nano-satellites is increasing rapidly. In a couple of years it must be 500 per year or larger, implying the occurrence of "the revolution of space/earth information" ever since Sputnik-1. An US company plans to launch 100s of nano-satellites in a couple years to realize the frequent earth monitoring service at extreme low price. Considering the highly competitive situation among more than 10 industries/universities for the micro-satellite development over the world, it's not possible to establish and keep the role of Japan in the research or business of the Erath remote-sensing only with conventional satellite and sensing technologies. The most important and necessary key issue must be the collaboration among the various experts not only in space technology but also in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, environmental/earth/space sciences, disaster management, etc. Also the construction of the international community in the utilization of micro-satellite might be very essential to extend Japanese activities. Here we introduce our activities and purposes in micro-satellite projects as well as the prospect of Asian Micro-satellite Consortium that came to effective last November.
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