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Design, Development and Operation of Small Satellite

Date & Time: September 12, 2014 (Fri) 16:30-18:00
Place: C5 Lecture Room (C517), School of Science Building C
Speaker: Dr. Kikuko Miyata (Department of Aerospace Engineering, Nagoya University)
Language: English

Recently, small satellites are getting popular because of their short development period and low cost. These benefits might encourage a newcomer in the space utilization. In Japan, small satellite development was started out as university educational space engineering projects. However, nowadays, some organizations start to develop the small satellites for practical use. The speaker belonged to one of the small satellite development teams initiated by universities. The team aims to make the satellite for the practical user and she is involved with the projects from the middle of the mission selection phase to the initial operation. The main purpose of this seminar is to allow attendees to share her experience and to get the concrete image about the small satellite development.

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