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So far and from now on microsatellites

Date & Time: September 5, 2014 (Fri) 16:30-18:00
Place: C5 Lecture Room (C517), School of Science Building C
Speaker: Mr. Mitsuru Watando (Deputy Director, Program Management and Integration Department, Aerospace Research and Development Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Language: Japanese

This seminar will be held to understand the micro piggyback satellite history and future trends from a standpoint of the lecturer's experience in JAXA.
Mr. Watando will talk about the mission, objective and public subscription system on the 26 micro piggyback satellites developed by Japanese universities and private-sector companies since 2006.
These satellites were launched by H-IIA rockets or released from the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) attached to the International Space Station (ISS). Finally, he will touch on the JAXA's new trial for domestic space business on microsatellites.
His lecture will be very useful for your future ChubuSat planning.
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