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Wireless Communications

Date: December 3, 2013 13:30-14:50
Place: B501, Graduate School of Science Building B
Speaker: Prof. Masaaki Katayama (Nagoya University)

This seminar introduces basics of wireless (or radio) communications for small/micro satellites. From the viewpoint of communications, a satellite is a radio station, which receives and transmits radio waves. As a radio station, every satellite has to get frequency assignment and radio station license from the regulatory body. Since many small/micro satellites have been licensed as amateur satellites using amateur radio frequencies, this seminar introduces basic facts about amateur satellites. Using the knowledge of amateur satellites as a preamble, the seminar explains how to calculate link budget and Power Flux Density, together with necessary items such as transmitting power, antenna and its gain, factors of propagation loss and thermal noise at the receiving end. Review of digital modulation schemes will also be made if time allows.
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