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International Internship Experience (Student-organized LDS)

This seminar will include three parts. The first one is presentation from seven students who had international internship experience. Second part is our panel discussion, then the last one is Q&A.

The goal of this seminar is developing knowledge of students about international internship experience and exchange experience among students who have already taken internship. The students had the internship in different place ranging from NASA space center to institute or university. Their understanding is different and precious. The experience will support other students who desire to have international internship in future to have a clearer vision. The path to apply in the internship is also revealed. Furthermore, panel discussion is to interchange their ideas about the internship. The merits, demerits and things need to be noticed are exposed. Mr.Inchun Park and Mr.Kei Kamiya will introduce their internship about NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, US. Mr. Kimihide Odagiri will talk about his experience in NASA Johnson Space Center, US and Brighton University, UK. Mr.Takuya Shibayama will present his internship in Princeton University. Mr. Dogyun Hwangbo will introduce about his journey in UC San Diego. Mr.Tran Duc Thuan will present his experience in Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium. Mr. Daisuke Tsuji will share his internship in Manchester University.

Seminar Schedule
1.16:30-17:10 : Each student's presentation is 5 minutes.
2.17:10-17:45 : 45 minutes for panel discussion
3.17:45-18:00 : 15 minutes for Questions & Answers

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