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Overview of space exploration and research

Specialists of several fields, such as Space Engineering, Space Science, Computer Simulation, Project and Research Development Management, and etc, have lectures associated with the space research and development.

Overview of space exploration and research (FY 2018)

Date & Time: every Friday from April 13 to July 27 (without June 3), 8:45 thru 10:15
Lecture Place: 241 Lecture Room, Engineering Building 2 South

Week Lecture Title Lecturer Lecture Day
1 Overview of Space Exploration and Research Hideyo Kunieda April 13
2 Foundations of Astrophysics Tsuyoshi Inoue April 20
3 Space Environment Science Kazuo Shiokawa April 27
4 Composite Material Takashi Ishikawa May 11
5 Satellite Development Takaya Inamori May 18
6 Patent Right and Standardization Masahiro Kito May 25
7 Computer Experiment Kanya Kusano June 1
8 Space Observation Technology Hidehiro Kaneda June 6
9 Electronic Circuit Technology Mitsuhiro Nakamura June 15
10 Space Propulsion Engineering Akihiro Sasoh June 22
11 Introduction to Radiation Detectors Toru Iijima June 29
12 Earth and Planetary Science Yasushi Yamaguchi July 6
13 Spacecraft (HTV) Development Kazumi Masuda July 13
14 Project Management/System Engineering Hidetaka Tanaka July 20
15 Management of Research and Development Yoshifumi Inatani July 27

Accepted Alternative for the Non-Japanese Students

Unfortunately for non-Japanese students whose mother tongue is not Japanese, the lectures are offered in Japanese. However, all lecturers would show lecture slides in English, so you might be able to understand some key points in the lectures. We recommend you to attend these lectures to acquire knowledge of space research and exploration, even if you could not well understand what lecturers discuss.
Since the lectures are offered in Japanese, talking video lectures in English is accepted as an alternative for the non-Japanese students to take a credit for "Overview of Space Exploration and Research" in this Leading Program (LGS-Frontier). Contents of the video lectures are based on intensive lectures held in Feb. 2013. To apply for this alternative, contact the Student Affairs Office (lgs-edu[at]frontier.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp).

--- Note. ---
Any of the video lectures is not accepted as a class offered among "Graduate School of Science: A Classes" and "Graduate School of Engineering: Applied engineering courses."

Video Lectures in English

Rec.Date & Time: 19, February, 2013 (9:15 - 18:30) and 20, February, 2013 (9:15 - 17:00)
Rec.Place: ES-Hall, Engineering and Science Building

Lecture No. Lecture Title Lecturer Time Length [HH:MM]
1 Overview of Space Exploration and Research H. Kunieda 01:01
2 Space Propulsion Engineering A. Sasoh 01:15
3 Space Environment Science K. Kusano 01:21
4 Computational Fluid Dynamics Y. Nakamura 00:53
5 How to Write Scientific Paper Y. Fukui 01:04
6 Introduction to Spacecraft K. Yamada 01:06
7 Foundations of Astrophysics T. Matsubara 01:14
8 Introduction to Radiation Detectors T. Iijima 01:16
9 Patent Right and Standardization Y. Goto 01:05


DVDs for the Lectures

The Student Affairs Office has 5 sets of DVDs (1set : 9DVDs). A lending period is 2 weeks. To take a credit for "Overview of Space Exploration and Research", the students are required to submit a report in 2 weeks.

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