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English Test

English is one of fundamental abilities for global communication. The program student must have a curtain level of English skill. Several English tests, TOEIC+TOEIC SW, IELTS, TOEFL iBT and Aptis, are introduced into the program for making an objective appraisals of their English abilities and for monitoring them. According to his/her score of English test, each student attend takes part in several courses for English.

English tests

    TOEIC and TOEIC SW is owned by the Institute for International Business Communication. This test is widely used in many Japanese companies as a part of employment test for qualification of English ability. The TOEIC test is a ORM-sheet type test with the components of Reading (75min.) and Listening (45min.). The TOEIC SW test is a computer-based test with the components of Speaking(20min) and Writing (60min). Because LGS program requires all four ability of English for the program students, both TOEIC and TOEIC SW tests are performed at the same time. Students have an opportunity to take TOEIC and TOEIC SW in every March.
    HP: http://www.toeic.or.jp/english.html

    The IELTS test is owned by British Council. IELTS is accepted by many universities, institutes and companies in many countries like UK and Australia. There are four sections, Reading(40min), Listening(30min), Writing(60min), Speaking (~15min) corresponding to all four abilities of English. In the Speaking test, a candidate have a conversation with a certificated examiner. This face-to-face test is close to a real situation of communication in English. Students have an opportunity to take IELTS in every March.
    HP: http://www.eiken.or.jp/ielts/en/

    TOEFL iBT is a computer-based test owned by Educational Testing Service. TOEFL iBT is also widely accepted by many universities, institutes and companies in many countries like USA. This have four components, Reading(~60min.), Listening(~60min), Writing(50min), Speaking (20min). The result of TOEFL is accepted by this program but no opportunity to take this test is provided by the program.
    HP: http://www.ets.org/toefl

    APTIS test is a computer-based English test owned by British Council. This test is more flexible than the others and is used for evaluation and monitor of ones English ability in institutes and schools. The score report of Aptis test is not officially accepted by universities and companies. There are five sections of Grammer&Vocabrary, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and you will takes about 3 hours to completes the all sections. Program students can have two opportunities to take Aptis test in one year (every September and every March).
    HP: http://www.britishcouncil.jp/en/exam/aptis

  • Requirement of English-test scores for program completion

    To complete the program, the program requires each students to have a certain level of English ability at the start of 5th-year(D3) in the program (for students who entered the program at D3, the end of 5th-year(D3) ). Each student can choose one of the English tests, TOEIC+TOEIC SW, IELTS and TOEFL iB. The required score are listed as
    1. TOEIC ≧785 and TOEIC SW ≧310
    2. IELTS Overall score ≧6.0
    3. TOEFL iBT ≧87 and
    4. Aptis Final score ≧150.
    Scores of test which students took tests in out of the program are accepted with submitting score reports to the LGS international office. D2 students at FY 2014 are given additional 6 months for passing the requirements.

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