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Nagoya University Program for Leading Graduate Schools Joint Symposium was held

We hosted Joint Symposium by student organizing cooperative with 6 Leading graduate Schools, Nagoya University on 3rd, December, 2014 at Noyori Conference Hall. "Sustainable Development" was raised as a main theme for this Symposium. The theme is being a current issue in modern global society which overlaps a variety fields as economy, environment, resource, hygiene, etc. Our leading graduate school students as for the future leaders, are sought broaden perspective, knowledge and thought in a wide range. For discussion on this theme, students made mixed pairs in 6 leading graduate schools which derived much effectiveness by discussing with different-field students having another types of specialty, backgrounds and perspective. They all enthusiastically went for the symposium making valuable. For Keynote speech, we invited Dr. Norichika Kanie (Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Development) and Ms. Chikako Takase (Director, United Nations Centre for Regional Development); and, they gave us lectures regarding globalized world and threw problems to us in order to be considered "What are sought for us in future?" After the keynote lectures, students made a presentation of the results for discussion made in advance and "Question and Answer" session related to the presentation results was made. Subsequently, the panel discussion was proceeded on the theme "What Can Young Leaders from Diverse Backgrounds Do to Achieve a Sustainable Development?" The symposium went over well with tremendous participants over one hundred.

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