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We have welcomed new program students!

On June 24, 2014, a freshmen introduction ceremony and guidance for 9 new 1st grade graduate students was held at the 1F meeting room of Science South Building. After opening remarks by Program Director Prof. Kunieda and Program Coordinator Prof. Tajima, Prof. Kunieda provided a certificate of admission for each student one by one. It was impressive that all of them had radiant looks on their faces. We congratulate them, and are looking forward to their future activities in this program.

After this ceremony, a welcome meeting organized by the student-committee was held at the seminar room. A total of about 40 participants from students and staff attended this meeting. The main event of the meeting is a competition among six groups for building the longest tower by utilizing a limited number of disposable chopsticks and rubber bands, considering the supporting structure. This event requires problem-solving abilities, organization abilities and teamwork, which are needed in the Chubu-Sat Development Project as well. Following the competition, there were some discussions why it went well or did not. This was a very interesting and excited event.

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