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Global leadership training carried out

Global leaders training seminar were held for the 2days on 24 and 28 February, 2014. This training aimed to nurture global communication and project management skills which are essential for the initiative of international leadership. We invited a professor Setsuko Aoki, the foremost in Space law, from Keio University gave us a lecture regarding Space law. As for global communication, the seminar was carried out mainly for cross cultural communication, how to handle negotiation and meetings, also how to improve presentations. For project management, participants discussed about "what is the project management" based on the subject of international stations which is one of worldwide gigantic joint project; and also, they did a review comparative "present" ISS to ISS ideally designed by students from their case study. The seminar included many presentation practices and all were conducted in English. At first, students seemed in hesitation a bit. They gradually changed to get used to having presentations in English. Making practices, students started to have presentations more positively. It ended that the seminar floor was surrounded with the atmosphere as "need more time". All participants were filled with satisfaction to have improved their skills required as a global leader and showed the educational effect throughout the day.

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