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Requirements for Program Completion

Program Completion will be certified by fulfilling a certain evaluation criteria on implementation of ChubuSat Instrument Development Phase and Internships (elective) and also, applying to the items below.

Basic Coursework

To make the fullest possible use of findings in science, engineering, and environmental science, and develop basic and specialized knowledge in areas from space itself to its utilization, related research and development, and the advanced technologies that support it. Taking following coursework is a requirement for completing Basic Coursework.
  • Basics for Space Science and Engineering
  • Overview of Space Exploration and Research
  • Video Lectures on Space Science and Engineering
  • Lecture Courses on Satellite System
  • Short Courses on satellite development and applications

ChubuSat Instrument Development Project

ChubuSat Instrument Development Project carries out space instrument development and test through the ChubuSat satellite in Nagoya University's industry-academia cooperative micro-satellite project. This project aims to promote students' exchanges between differing disciplines and at the same time cultivate planning, organizational management, and problem-solving skill by forming students teams of transdisciplinary science and engineering. This project is divided into two phases below. Faculty members on ChubuSat Instrument Development Project will determine Completion Examination by a sum of an individual and a group evaluation.
  • Mission Proposal Phase
  • Instrument Development Phase


Corporate Internships and International Internships are evaluated and certified on internship-implementation through reports of submission and a presentation.
  • International students are exempted for internships, however, it is possible to carry out internships if accepting companies are presented and/or institutions are different from his/her home-country.

Corporate Internships

The aims of Corporate Internships are to have students experience the practical environment of a company and learn how the skills emphasized in the Program-project planning, execution, management, and problem-solving skills are displayed in the corporate world.

International Internships

The aims of International Internships are to experience the most advanced development and research in an intercultural environment for a long-stay at an overseas company or research institution and to cultivate students' international communication skills and help students obtain the experiences necessary for international leadership.

Qualifying Examination(QE)

A qualifying examination (QE) is one of the program completion conditions and given to confirm the progress of student research and their academic performance in Program course. Its aims are to confirm the progress on Program Completion in the Program course.

English Proficiency

English communication skills are objectively evaluated by carrying out English proficiency tests below.
  • Aptis

Participating and Organizing Leadership Development Seminar

Leadership Development Seminar aims to encourage students' self-awareness as leaders, through talks by current leaders from various fields, roundtable discussions based on those talks, and seminars and experiences related to a wide range of fields including the humanities, social sciences and monozukuri; and to cultivate students' comprehensive understanding, execution, and project planning and management. Evaluations are determined on reports for seminar attendance.

Participating in Student Retreats

Student retreats (training workshops) are held for about two or three days with students taking leading roles. The student organizing committee conducts roundtable discussions and debates on topics such as leadership and space utilization, and holding research exchanges. These activities are intended to deepen mutual understanding between people in different fields and cultivate both a panoramic perspective and planning and management skills. As a rule, students are required to attend this workshop every year.

Participating in Annual Meeting

About student activities and others performed within the current fiscal year, Annual Meeting is held at the end of the fiscal year for providing students. This includes progress reports of Implementation on Internships and Grant for Original Research. As a rule, students are required to attend this workshop every year.

Certification on Completion Examination

Based on the submission of a final report by student, a final interview will be held at the preliminary examination. With the result of the examination, an approval is followed by the program council. Students passing the both of the examinations are certified a program completion.

Obtaining Doctorate Degree

Obtaining Doctorate Degree is requisite for Program completion requirements.

Summary of Completion Requirements

Course Name Completion Requirements
Basics for Space Science and Engineering
  • Passing all 5 subjects
Video Lectures on Space Science and Engineering
  • Passing all 4 lectures of course of affiliation and any 2 lectures from the other courses
Overview of Space Exploration and Research

Short Couse and Lecture Courses on Space Science and Engineering
  • Overview of Space Exploration and Research, 2 credits
  • A total of 2 or more credits from Satellite system lecture courses or Satellite development and application short courses
  • GPA 3.3 or more from the subjects taken above
ChubuSat Instrument Development Project

  • Implementation on Mission Proposal Phase
  • Implementation of 3 unit or more in total from ChubuSat Instrument Development Phase (Mandatory), ChubuSat Instrument Development Phase, International Internships or Corporate Internships
  • GPA 3.3 or more from the subjects taken above
Qualifying Examination
  • Passing grades
English Proficiency Satisfying one or more on the following:
  • TOEIC Score: 785 or higher on Listening/Reading and 310 or higher on Speaking/Writing
  • IELTS Score: 6.0 or higher
  • TOEFL iBT Score: 87 or higher
  • Aptis Score: 150 or higher
Leadership Development Seminar
  • Attendance of 3 times or more in each category, and at least 25 seminars or more in total
  • GPA 3.3 or more from the subjects taken above
Student Retreats
Annual Meeting
  • Attending every year during affiliation in Program
Completion Examination
  • Passing grades
Doctorate Degree
  • Successful defense of dissertation

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