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This program aims to expand the utilization of the space environment, the final frontier for humankind, by nurturing global leaders capable of exploring the space environment and fundamental truths about space, of spearheading the development of advanced technologies and materials for space development and utilization, and of pioneering other next-generation industries. Space is the most foreboding of the frontiers currently faced by humankind, and also holds the key to our further progress.

The space infrastructure that is vital to modern society in so many ways has already been somewhat developed. Such infrastructure now comprises a number of different aspects, including the environment (Earth observation satellite network, high-sensitivity radiation measurements, and remote sensing technology), materials science (advanced technologies and materials for extreme environments), information technologies (communications, broadcasting, and GPS satellites), and safety and security (weather and land-observation satellites). Both space infrastructure and the activities of humankind on Earth are affected by the solar-terrestrial environment, and it is therefore vital that we further our understanding in this field, thereby enabling the development and effective utilization of technologies designed to protect our social infrastructure and keeping us safe and secure. The task of tackling the hostile environment of space offers endless possibilities as a source of innovation for new industries, promoting the development of cutting-edge technology. This is in addition to the acknowledged truth that, throughout history, humankind's thirst to unlock the secrets of the universe has been a driving force behind the development of the natural sciences.

Our Challenges

The exploration of space

  • Dependency of modern society on space infrastructure
  • Towards an age of greater space infrastructure utilization
  • Exploration of the fundamental principles of space and of the near-Earth environment
  • Development of advanced technologies and materials for space exploration and utilization

As the use of space continues to expand, Western nations are striving to develop space and peripheral technologies through the mobilization of PhD graduates. In addition to the traditional space superpowers, other countries, including China, South Korea, and India, are each making the exploration of this frontier a national priority. Japan is leading the development in space science, space technology and advanced materials, but at the same time it lacks the sufficient human resources capable of pioneering space development and exploration in industry, academia, and government. As a result, the country is not making effective use of its cutting-edge expertise and technology.

Space exploration is a cross-disciplinary scientific field requiring a broad range of elements spanning the physical sciences and engineering. Approaches from a variety of disciplines must be combined effectively if exploration is to be fruitful. For this reason, there is a clear need for leaders equipped with both a high degree of specialist expertise and broad knowledge, who are capable of competing at the global level. These specialists will also be capable of leading Japan's next-generation industries.

Our program aims to develop world-class leaders equipped with problem-solving and project-leading skills, who can also demonstrate broad visions, in other words the ability to see and to understand the big picture, confidently moving in and across multiple aspects of space exploration, including: the investigation of fundamental truths about space, the understanding the solar-terrestrial environment, the development of technologies enabling space activities, the utilization of space infrastructure, and the development of advanced technologies and materials necessary for space exploration and space utilization. Nurturing such leaders will enable the program to strengthen Japan's international competitiveness in the field of space exploration. In this sense, although the program takes space exploration as its starting point, its scope is not necessarily limited to space; we also aim to develop leaders capable of driving next-generation industries related to space, due to the need to consolidate the development of the advanced technologies and materials required for the research and exploration of space.

Program graduate profile

We seek to nurture world-class leaders equipped with strong problem-solving skills, capabilities to lead projects with broad knowledge and visions. These individuals should also be able to lead the development of next-generation industries, as well as the utilization and exploration of space. We aim to develop international leaders who have both broad experience and solid expertise, in order to see the big picture. In addition, our graduates will boast a range of skills in project planning, execution management, problem-solving, and global communication.

Program graduate profile

Global leaders in space exploration

  • Pioneer new industries related with space exploration and research
  • Broad experience as valued in the business world (noted top business executives)

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